Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ghana, Howlith Collier with brass beads from Ghana-50 cm-unique



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All prices a necklacere tota necklacel prices; No VAT ca necklacerd a necklaces sma necklacell business owners.For collective orders plea necklacese note on the Shop home pa necklacege!Collier from howlith discs a necklacend ha necklacendma necklacede bra necklacess bea necklaceds from Gha necklacena necklaceHowlith slices: About 16 mm in different thickness (a necklacebout 2-3 mm),3 bra necklacess pea necklacerls from Gha necklacena necklace of a necklacebout 20 mm(Ea necklacech pea necklacerl is ma necklacede individua necklacelly by pa necklaceinsta necklaceking by yellow ca necklacesting, ha necklaces a necklacen individua necklacel sha necklacepe a necklacend size)Intermedia necklacete bea necklaceds: Bronze 5 mmHook closure: 925 silver, gold pla necklaceted* * The cha necklacein is very hea necklacevy-a necklacebout 200g * *!!! Plea necklacese note the mea necklacesurements-slight colour devia necklacetions a necklacere possible due to different screen resolution!!! _I a necklacessume the na necklaceme of the ma necklaceteria necklacel from my purcha necklacesing sources-I ca necklacennot give a necklace gua necklacera necklacentee, since I a necklacem neither a necklace jeweller nor a necklace minera necklacelogist.

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