Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Pa steampunk earringir of etched silver pla steampunk earringted la steampunk earringdder style ea steampunk earringrring with 2 different tones of rings/spa steampunk earringcers (silver pla steampunk earringted & gun meta steampunk earringl) on a steampunk earring silver toned la steampunk earringrge jump ring then a steampunk earringtta steampunk earringched to a steampunk earring sta steampunk earringinless steel ea steampunk earringrring wire. Ma steampunk earringde with silver pla steampunk earringted a steampunk earringnd silver tone meta steampunk earringl components.A pa steampunk earringir of meta steampunk earringllic ea steampunk earringrrings tha steampunk earringt a steampunk earringre set a steampunk earringpa steampunk earringrt from the rest, not sure wha steampunk earringt you would cla steampunk earringssify/ca steampunk earringtegorize them a steampunk earrings, would look good with a steampunk earring bla steampunk earringck, gra steampunk earringy, da steampunk earringrk outfit, or weekend wea steampunk earringr. To me, they look tra steampunk earringditiona steampunk earringl, but with a steampunk earring little edge. Almost 1" in length a steampunk earringt a steampunk earringtta steampunk earringchment point, la steampunk earringrge jump ring is a steampunk earringbout 10 mm wide, sta steampunk earringinless steel ea steampunk earringr wire is a steampunk earringbout 23 mm longThis is a steampunk earring mid size da steampunk earringngle/drop ea steampunk earringrring, a steampunk earringbout 1.60 inches overa steampunk earringll. Sizing is a steampunk earringpproxima steampunk earringte.Note: For customer sa steampunk earringfety a steampunk earringnd hygienic rea steampunk earringsons, I do not a steampunk earringccept returns. Plea steampunk earringse ca steampunk earringrefully select your items before pla steampunk earringcing them in your ca steampunk earringrt a steampunk earringnd ma steampunk earringking a steampunk earring fina steampunk earringl purcha steampunk earringse.***Prior to shipping I will a steampunk earringtta steampunk earringch silicone stoppers to the ea steampunk earringrrings (where a steampunk earringpplica steampunk earringble). Then they a steampunk earringre pla steampunk earringced on a steampunk earring white pa steampunk earringper ca steampunk earringrd tha steampunk earringt is enca steampunk earringsed with clea steampunk earringr pla steampunk earringstic.***

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