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silver earrings, Sterling Silver Sun & Swarovski Crystal Black Moon Earrings



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Pretty ea moon earringsrrings tha moon earringst would ma moon earringske a moon earrings grea moon earringst gift!I crea moon earringsted these with 16mm Swa moon earringsrovski Crysta moon earringsl moons in Jet (bla moon earringsck). I ha moon earringsve wra moon earringspped them in sterling silver wire. They ha moon earringsng from tiny sterling silver sun cha moon earringsrms a moon earringsnd my ha moon earringsnd torched fine silver ea moon earringsr wires.They ha moon earringsve been oxidized, ha moon earringsnd polished a moon earringsnd ma moon earringschine tumbled to highlight a moon earringsnd ha moon earringsrden the silver. Tota moon earringsl length is a moon earrings bit under 2 1/4".Tha moon earringsnks for looking!

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