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PLEASE BE AWARE _ DUE TO CORONAVIRUS THERE WILL BE LENGTHY DELAYS IN POSTAL SERVICES TO OVERSEAS DESTINATIONS.- Due to COVID-19, the number of interna bridal earringstiona bridal earringsl flights is ha bridal earringss sha bridal earringsrply decrea bridal earringssed from Ma bridal earringsrch 2020- All orders will ha bridal earringsve to be in a bridal earrings queue for boa bridal earringsrding onto the flight..- Avera bridal earringsge a bridal earringsrriva bridal earringsl time ca bridal earringsn be a bridal earringsnywhere from 4-6 weeks.Plea bridal earringsse ta bridal earringske ca bridal earringsre, sta bridal earringsy sa bridal earringsfe a bridal earringsnd be pa bridal earringstient.very pretty tea bridal earringsrdrop pea bridal earringsrl ea bridal earringsrringsBea bridal earringsutiful white pea bridal earringsrlsThis hinged hoop style is very ea bridal earringssy to use.Sterling silver filled hoopsDia bridal earringsmeter: (hoop) - 2 x 15mm*PLEASE NOTE: Post is sent sta bridal earringsnda bridal earringsrd post from Austra bridal earringslia bridal earrings a bridal earringsnd usua bridal earringslly ta bridal earringskes 1- 2 weeks, sometimes longer, (due to corona bridal earrings virus) to a bridal earringsrrive in oversea bridal earringss destina bridal earringstions.( tra bridal earringscking Ava bridal earringsila bridal earringsble)

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