Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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These ma gothic jewelryde to order da gothic jewelryngle plugs fea gothic jewelryture round gla gothic jewelryss gems in your choice of color, set in closed silver pla gothic jewelryted sca gothic jewelrylloped settings. Da gothic jewelryngling from ea gothic jewelrych plug is a gothic jewelryn upright penta gothic jewelrycle a gothic jewelrynd crescent moon penda gothic jewelrynt. They would be lovely for a gothic jewelry ha gothic jewelryndfa gothic jewelrysting, or a gothic jewelryny other specia gothic jewelryl occa gothic jewelrysion. This pa gothic jewelryir is a gothic jewelryva gothic jewelryila gothic jewelryble in the following sizes/styles:00g (10mm) - Bla gothic jewelryck Acrylic No Fla gothic jewelryre w/ O Rings00g (10mm) - Bla gothic jewelryck Acrylic w/Fla gothic jewelryres00g (10mm) - Bla gothic jewelryck Stone w/Fla gothic jewelryres1/2" (12mm) - Bla gothic jewelryck Acrylic No Fla gothic jewelryre w/ O Rings1/2" (12mm) - Bla gothic jewelryck Acrylic w/Fla gothic jewelryresThe round gems come in your choice of the following colors (from top left clockwise in the 5th picture):Milky White Opa gothic jewelryl (shown in first four pictures)Light Topa gothic jewelryzDa gothic jewelryrk RedSmoky PurpleLight Sa gothic jewelrypphire BlueDa gothic jewelryrk Smoky BluePeridot GreenEmera gothic jewelryld GreenBla gothic jewelryckPlea gothic jewelryse ma gothic jewelryke your size a gothic jewelrynd color selections using the drop down menus prior to completing checkout. All sa gothic jewelrymple pictures show fla gothic jewelryred plugs. ***This is a gothic jewelry ma gothic jewelryde-to-order pa gothic jewelryir tha gothic jewelryt will be ma gothic jewelryde to your specifica gothic jewelrytions a gothic jewelryfter your purcha gothic jewelryse. These a gothic jewelryre not yet rea gothic jewelrydy to ship a gothic jewelrynd will ta gothic jewelryke 5-7 business da gothic jewelryys to be ma gothic jewelryde, pa gothic jewelrycka gothic jewelryged a gothic jewelrynd shipped out to you a gothic jewelryfter you pla gothic jewelryce your order. Plea gothic jewelryse be a gothic jewelrywa gothic jewelryre of this processing time before checking out.*** Top of Gem to Ba gothic jewelryck of Plug: 3/4"Tota gothic jewelryl Length from Top to Bottom: About 3"Width a gothic jewelryt Widest Point: 1"Not the right sizes or colors? There a gothic jewelryre LOTS of color/size combos tha gothic jewelryt I don't ha gothic jewelryve listed tha gothic jewelryt I ca gothic jewelryn do for you, so if there's something else you ha gothic jewelryve in mind, plea gothic jewelryse messa gothic jewelryge me a gothic jewelrynd a gothic jewelrysk a gothic jewelrybout other options!Questions? Feel free to messa gothic jewelryge me or check out my Shop Policies for more info:http://www./shop/Luna gothic jewelrychick/policy?ref=shopinfo_policies_leftna gothic jewelryv

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