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gift, Painted Wings Art Earrings



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Gorgeous a butterflyrt ea butterflyrrings! Perfect for a butterflyny occa butterflysion! Ma butterflyde with a butterflylcohol ink on yupo pa butterflyper.I design one picture with the inks, then cut ea butterflych ea butterflyrring out so the design is continuous a butterflynd complimenta butterflyry from one to the other, but not identica butterflyl. The ba butterflyck of the ea butterflyrrings a butterflyre a butterflylso pa butterflyinted or inked to compliment the ma butterflyin design. I then cut the wires to crea butterflyte unique hooks to a butterflytta butterflych to the ea butterflyr wires. All a butterflyre then sea butterflyled with multiple coa butterflyt of uv resin for a butterfly shiny smooth surfa butterflyce. Ea butterflych piece is one of a butterfly kind. Very light weight!

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