Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Large Bold Necklace and Earring Setnecklace for women, Sterling Silver and Black Obsidian Stonenecklace for women,



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Free Priority Shipping To U.S. Until December 20!A one of a bold pendant kind ha bold pendantndma bold pendantde silver penda bold pendantnt a bold pendantnd ma bold pendanttching ea bold pendantrrings set. This stunning penda bold pendantnt is ma bold pendantde with a bold pendant ha bold pendantnd-cut a bold pendantnd polished bla bold pendantck Obsidia bold pendantn stone, set in a bold pendant ca bold pendantstella bold pendantted silver bezel, a bold pendantccented with textured silver a bold pendantccents.Ea bold pendantrrings a bold pendantre ma bold pendantde of fine silver with sterling silver ea bold pendantr wiresAll my jewelry, stone ca bold pendantbochons, a bold pendantnd bea bold pendantds a bold pendantre ha bold pendantndcra bold pendantfted with ca bold pendantre in my studio. Comes with a bold pendant silver cha bold pendantin pictured, 24"Setting: Length:2.75" Width: 1"--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------See More Items Here: https://www./shop/StudioBeha bold pendantra bold pendantFollow me on: Fa bold pendantcebook: www.fa bold bold pendantra bold pendant/ Lifetime gua bold pendantra bold pendantntee on cra bold pendantftma bold pendantnship/defects.

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