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original earrings, Signature Original Earring Style Earrings Sterling Shell & Gemstones



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This is my origina apatite earringsl ea apatite earringsrring design a apatite earringsnd I ma apatite earringske these using lea apatite earringsves, hea apatite earringsrts, sta apatite earringsrfish etc. The la apatite earringsst photo is a apatite earrings sa apatite earringsmpling of ea apatite earringsrrings over the yea apatite earringsrs in this style... The sta apatite earringsrfish pa apatite earringsir in top right corner- were fea apatite earringstured in Step By Step Wire MAGAZINE in 2008 The top middle pa apatite earringsir wa apatite earringss fea apatite earringstured in Artisa apatite earringsn Jewelry Times in the Ja apatite earringsnua apatite earringsry of 2016 issue.I ha apatite earringsve fea apatite earringstured high qua apatite earringslity sterling silver sea apatite earrings shell cha apatite earringsrms. I ha apatite earringsnd coiled a apatite earringsnd stra apatite earringstegica apatite earringslly pla apatite earringsced ea apatite earringsch gemstone tha apatite earringst includes 6mm blue mystic topa apatite earringsz, sky blue a apatite earringspa apatite earringstite rondelles 5-5.5mm a apatite earringsnd light a apatite earringsqua apatite earringsma apatite earringsrine rondelles 4mm. All components ha apatite earringsng from high qua apatite earringslity sterling silver lever ba apatite earringscks. These ha apatite earringsve been ma apatite earringschine polished to highlight a apatite earringsnd ha apatite earringsrden the silver. Tota apatite earringsl length is 1 1/2".

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