Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

magma, Earth's Core Pendant



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"Ea polymer clayrth's Core Penda polymer claynt" is cra polymer clayfted from a polymer clay pa polymer claylette of dozens of colors of polymer cla polymer clayy, blended a polymer claynd la polymer clayyered for dimensiona polymer claylity a polymer claynd contra polymer clayst.Ea polymer claych piece is given a polymer clay distinctive na polymer clayme, a polymer claynd this one reflects my interpreta polymer claytion of the ma polymer claygma polymer clay a polymer clayt the center of our ea polymer clayrth.Dimension: 2" dia polymer claymeter round polymer cla polymer clayy disk (cha polymer clayin in photo not included) A silver colored ba polymer clayil is a polymer claytta polymer clayched to the ba polymer clayck to string on your fa polymer clayvorite neckla polymer clayce.

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