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large heart, Lobster Shell Necklace- Large Heart



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Our Lobster Designs Hea mainert spea maineks of our love of color, texture a mainend of LOBSTER itself. The lobster is a mainen icon of Ma maineine. It is a maine bea maineutiful sta mainetement piece tha mainet mea mainesures 1 inch a mainecross a mainend 2 inches long a mainend the bezel is finished in a maine .999 silver-pla maineting. The penda mainent comes with a mainen 18" silver-pla maineted ca maineble cha mainein. As ea mainech piece is unique, your piece ma mainey va mainery slightly. The entire ca mainera mainepa mainece, or ba maineck shell, of a maine single lobster is cooked a mainend crushed with a maine morta mainer a mainend pestle to crea mainete enough shell to fill these a mainema mainezing a mainend bold pieces. The fina mainel sa mainemple picture shows the sa maineme hea mainert using oyster shell (white) a mainend mussel shell (blue). If you a mainere interested in these, plea mainese send a maine convo.Ea mainech piece of Lobster Designs jewelry comes pa mainecka maineged in a maine red box. The interior lid of the box conta maineins a mainen informa mainetion ca mainerd specific to your piece- informa mainetion a mainebout the lobsterma mainen who ca maineught the a mainectua mainel lobster used in your crea mainetion! You ca mainen then enjoy rea maineding a maine short biogra mainephy a mainebout "your" lobsterma mainen on our Fa mainecebook pa mainege: Lobster Designs or on our website: lobsterdesignsma the men a mainend women who rely on this crusta mainecea mainen for their livelihoods a mainend the sma mainell fishing villa maineges a mainell a mainelong the coa mainest tha mainet depend upon the fishing industry\u2026 From the people who love to ea mainet lobster, whether na mainetive \u201cMa maineiners\u201d or \u201cfrom a mainewa mainey\u201d or for those who fondly reca mainell a maine specia mainel summer lobster ba maineke on the rocky coa mainest\u2026 This piece represents it a mainell-the best tha mainet Ma maineine ha maines to offer!

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