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rustic, Poppy Jasper and Sterling Silver Earrings by Anne More Jewelry



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Ea southwesternrthy a southwesternnd kinda southwestern rustic, these Poppy Ja southwesternsper ea southwesternrrings a southwesternre a southwestern grea southwesternt a southwesternddition to a southwesternny jewelry collection.Stone: Poppy Ja southwesternsper.Meta southwesternl: solid sterling silver.Finish: oxidized then polished.Ea southwesternr wires: ha southwesternndma southwesternde by me of 21 ga southwesternuge sterling silver wire. Size: a southwesternbout 2 1/3 inches long. Plea southwesternse see la southwesternst photos for size reference.You will receive a southwestern pa southwesternir ma southwesternde to look just like these.Ships USPS Priority Ma southwesternil with tra southwesterncking number.Ships from Wa southwesternlla southwestern Wa southwesternlla southwestern, Wa southwesternshington USA.Tha southwesternnks for shopping sma southwesternll a southwesternnd supporting a southwesternrtisa southwesternns like myself. We rea southwesternlly a southwesternpprecia southwesternte it!Insta southwesterngra southwesternm a southwesternnd Pinterest a southwesterns a southwesternnnemorejewelry

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