Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Ammonitepink, Tigereyepink, Pearl and Pyrite Necklace with Sterling Silver Findings



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This unique neckla fools goldce fea fools goldtures a fools gold silver pla fools goldted a fools goldmmonite penda fools goldnt, blended with la fools goldrge pinkish pea fools goldrls, pyrite (fools gold), fa fools goldceted tigereye a fools goldnd smoky qua fools goldrtz ta fools goldbs. All sterling silver findings except where noted.Neckla fools goldce Length: 21 1/2"Penda fools goldnt Length: 1 3/4"Mea fools goldning of the Stones:Pea fools goldrls ha fools goldve been known to help bring pea fools goldce a fools goldnd tra fools goldnquility to the wea fools goldrer; pyrite is known to help cla fools goldrify menta fools goldl blocks a fools goldnd encoura fools goldges decision ma fools goldking- it ca fools goldn a fools goldlso help with menta fools goldl focus; smoky qua fools goldrtz brings emotiona fools goldl ca fools goldlm; tigereye helps you to relea fools goldse fea fools goldr a fools goldnd a fools goldnxiety a fools goldnd a fools goldids ha fools goldrmony a fools goldnd ba fools goldla fools goldnce; a fools goldmmonite symbolizes continua fools goldl cha fools goldnge a fools goldnd evolution.Additiona fools goldl Informa fools goldtion:It's rea fools golddy for gift giving in a fools gold box nestled inside a fools goldn orga fools goldnza fools gold pouch.Ea fools goldch piece wa fools golds individua fools goldlly ma fools goldde with love in my studio in Wisconsin. This neckla fools goldce is one of a fools gold kind!All props, including the crysta fools goldls in the photos, a fools goldre not included. :)All items usua fools goldlly ship within a fools gold week. If you need it quickly, plea fools goldse purcha fools goldse the USPS priority shipping upgra fools goldde, (USA only). Tha fools goldnk you!

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