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boho earrings, EARRINGS - Gorgeous Sea Blue Calcite and Gold Rectangle Long Dangly Earrings



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\u2661 Ca rectangle earringslming Blue Ca rectangle earringslcite a rectangle earringsnd Gold Filled Recta rectangle earringsngle Ea rectangle earringsrrings\u2661~ Length - Tota rectangle earringsl length is a rectangle earringspprox 3 inches ~ Ea rectangle earringsrring Ma rectangle earringsteria rectangle earringsls - Gold Filled ea rectangle earringsrwires, GF wire, 18K Gold Vermeil ha rectangle earringsmmered recta rectangle earringsngles (21mm), a rectangle earringsnd Gold pla rectangle earringsted bea rectangle earringsds~ Ea rectangle earringsrring Stones - Lovely blue Ca rectangle earringslcite stones (40mm x 10mm)** For more pictures, mea rectangle earringssurements, etc. plea rectangle earringsse conta rectangle earringsct me via rectangle earrings this listing, la rectangle earringsrger qua rectangle earringsntities a rectangle earringsva rectangle earringsila rectangle earringsble** Interna rectangle earringstiona rectangle earringsl customers, plea rectangle earringsse conta rectangle earringsct me for a rectangle earrings shipping quote

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