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Pure silver hand welded ring & carved shark toothfine silver ring, handmade nautical style



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Pure silver ha nautical ringnd welded ring & ca nautical ringrved sha nautical ringrk toothItem#: 3382For sa nautical ringle is triba nautical ringl rustic na nautical ringutica nautical ringl style ring.Ma nautical ringde by OPV in Mia nautical ringmi. FL using .9999+ pure silver ha nautical ringnd rolled for strength a nautical ringnd a nautical ringrc welded (no solder or other meta nautical ringls used).Unique ha nautical ringnd welded pa nautical ringttern tha nautical ringt impa nautical ringct a nautical ring rustic or na nautical ringtura nautical ringl cora nautical ringl reef like feeling, plus a nautical ring bea nautical ringutiful hippo ivory ha nautical ringnd ca nautical ringrved sha nautical ringrk tooth.This ring looks grea nautical ringt complementing outdoor outfits.The silver is pure, will not ta nautical ringrnish like sterling.Bra nautical ringnd: OPVMa nautical ringteria nautical ringl: .9999+ silver a nautical ringnd hippo ivoryWeight: 16.5gSize: 9.5 - 10 US

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