Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

crochet, Crochet Green And Silver Bracelet



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Ma beadedde from a beaded la beadedrge flower ma beadedgnetic cla beadedsp a beadednd seed bea beadedds. I crocheted the green bea beadedds into a beaded flexible stra beadednd. I wire wra beadedpped the bea beadedutiful silver cla beadedsp onto the end of the green stra beadednd. The bra beadedcelet fits snug to the wrist to show off the silver cla beadedsp. The bra beadedcelet mea beadedsures 6 inches from end to end a beadednd 1 inch wide. The cla beadedsp is a beaded flower design a beadednd closes with a beaded ma beadedgnet. \r\rI ship out first cla beadedss within one or two da beadedys in the US with shipping confirma beadedtion. I ship out first cla beadedss with insura beadednce for a beadedll interna beadedtiona beadedl orders.

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