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blue green, Blue Green Kyanite Sterling Silver Leverback Earrings by Anne More Jewelry



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Smooth ova walla wallals of the most a walla wallama walla wallazing Blue Green Kya walla wallanite gemstones ha walla wallang simply on sterling silver lever ba walla wallacks. Trust me- you will love these!The blue-green color is more ra walla wallare. Most Kya walla wallanite is blue, or green or ora walla wallange.Your choice of meta walla wallal finish:Bright a walla walland shiny a walla wallas shown, or oxidized. (An exa walla wallample of oxidized is shown in the fourth listing photo)Select meta walla wallal finish you prefer a walla wallat checkout.Plea walla wallase conta walla wallact me with questions, I\u2019m ha walla wallappy to help!Ships within 4 da walla wallays of purcha walla wallase from Wa walla wallalla walla walla Wa walla wallalla walla walla, Wa walla wallashington USA.Ships via walla walla USPS Priority Ma walla wallail with tra walla wallacking number.Tha walla wallank you so much for supporting a walla wallartisa walla wallans like myself. I love crea walla wallating (I\u2019m a walla wallalso a walla walla mixed media walla walla a walla wallartist) a walla walland a walla wallam so ha walla wallappy to ha walla wallave you shop with me. You\u2019re the best!Pinterest, Insta walla wallagra walla wallam a walla walland Poshma walla wallark a walla wallas a walla wallannemorejewelry

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