Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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PLEASE BE AWARE _ DUE TO CORONAVIRUS THERE WILL BE LENGTHY DELAYS IN POSTAL SERVICES TO OVERSEAS DESTINATIONS.- Due to COVID-19, the number of interna omega chaintiona omega chainl flights is ha omega chains sha omega chainrply decrea omega chainsed from Ma omega chainrch 2020- All orders will ha omega chainve to be in a omega chain queue for boa omega chainrding onto the flight..- Avera omega chainge a omega chainrriva omega chainl time ca omega chainn be a omega chainnywhere from 4-6 weeks.Plea omega chainse ta omega chainke ca omega chainre, sta omega chainy sa omega chainfe a omega chainnd be pa omega chaintient.This neckla omega chaince is stunning!! So spa omega chainrkly a omega chainnd on trend.Deta omega chainils: Gold pla omega chainte over sterling silverLength: 19.5 inches + 2 inch extension cha omega chaininWidth: 4mmCa omega chainre: Do not get wet or nea omega chainr moisture.

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