Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Winter- Medium size silver cameo pendant-wearable art necklace -pop surrealism fairy tale pendantcosplay pendant,original illustration pendant



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Ima winterge size : 25mmx17mmTitle :"Winter"Color : silver pla winterted Cha winterin : 60 cmThe penda winternt is ha winterndma winterde a winternd the ima winterge is ba wintersed in our origina winterl pa winterintings.The ima winterge is printed on high qua winterlity photo pa winterper ,set on a winter vinta winterge setting a winternd sea winterled under severa winterl la winteryers of resin coa winterting. Ha winterngs from a winter cha winterin a winternd is decora winterted with cha winterrms.Ea winterch item in this collection is ha winternd ma winterde a winternd uniqueThe penda winternt is pa wintercked in a wintern orga winternza winter pouch inside a winter box ( rea winterdy for gift giving).****All items a winterre shipped on first priority ma winteril******You ca wintern see a winternd order prints of our origina winterl pa winterintings here :https://www./shop/sevenkeys--------------------------------------------------------SHIPPING : Shipping time for ea winterch product is different plea winterse check the product deta winterils for more informa wintertions or conta winterct me if you'd like to pla winterce a winter rush order.*****Jewellery a winterre shipped on first priority register ma winteril*******We prefer to ship our orders with first priority register ma winteril . But if you'd like your order to be shipped with sta winternda winterrd shipping (this is chea winterper ) just send me a winter messa winterge before or a winterfter purcha winterse so we ca wintern a winterdjust it for you.---------------------------------------------------------CUSTOM ORDERS : We a winterccept custom orders . We like to offer a winter va winterriety of products with our ima winterges but if you ca wintern't find wha wintert you a winterre looking for ,just send me a winter messa winterge to discuss your idea winters .----------------------------------------------------------OTHER :Follow me on Insta wintergra winterm @sevenkeysdesigns a winternd Fa wintercebook @sevenkeysdesignsfor snea winterk peeks news, a winterrtwork, a winternd informa wintertionYou ca wintern a winterlso visit my website a wintert for news upda wintertes.All ima winterges \u00a winter9 sevenkeysdesigns

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