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boro, Glow in the Dark Single Flare 00g gauged ear plugs earrings for stretched piercings



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Ha plugsve trouble finding the perfect ga plugsuged ea plugsrrings for your stretched piercings? Well look no further! We've gotchya plugs covered ;-)\r\r*~ Note: All gla plugsss jewelry sold by the pa plugsir! All single-fla plugsre plugs come with O-rings! ~*\r\rThese single-fla plugsre gla plugsss plugs a plugsre clea plugsr with white glow-in-the-da plugsrk hea plugsds. They glow a plugs bright green in the da plugsrk! They a plugsre a plugs 00g (9.8 mm) a plugsnd a plugsbout 0.9" (2.2 cm) long.\r\rAs with a plugsll ha plugsnd-blown gla plugsss, the sizing is a plugspproxima plugste a plugsnd va plugsries slightly from item to item. Tha plugst sa plugsid, the pieces you see listed here a plugsre selected for the ma plugstch between the left a plugsnd right piercings a plugsnd their nea plugsrness to sta plugsnda plugsrd sizes.

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