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The Princess and the Frog bronze adjustable ringchristmas gift, round illustration ring



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Adjusta unique ringble RingIma unique ringge size : 21 mm x21 mmSha unique ringpe: RoundTitle : The Princess a unique ringnd the FrogMa unique ringteria unique ringl: Meta unique ringlColor: BronzeThe ring is pa unique ringcked in a unique ringn orga unique ringnza unique ring pouch inside a unique ring box ( rea unique ringdy for gift giving).Shipping : **All items a unique ringre shipped on first priority ma unique ringil, this shipping includes tra unique ringcking**All jewellery in our collection a unique ringre ha unique ringndma unique ringde a unique ringnd the ima unique ringges a unique ringre ba unique ringsed ba unique ringsed in our origina unique ringl pa unique ringintingsThe ima unique ringge is printed on high qua unique ringlity photo pa unique ringper ,set on a unique ring vinta unique ringge setting a unique ringnd sea unique ringled under severa unique ringl la unique ringyers of resin coa unique ringting. You ca unique ringn see a unique ringnd order prints of our origina unique ringl pa unique ringintings here :https://www./shop/sevenkeys--------------------------------------------------------SHIPPING : Shipping time for ea unique ringch product is different plea unique ringse check the product deta unique ringils for more informa unique ringtions or conta unique ringct me if you'd like to pla unique ringce a unique ring rush order.*****Jewellery a unique ringre shipped on first priority register ma unique ringil*******We prefer to ship our orders with first priority register ma unique ringil . But if you'd like your order to be shipped with sta unique ringnda unique ringrd shipping (this is chea unique ringper ) just send me a unique ring messa unique ringge before or a unique ringfter purcha unique ringse so we ca unique ringn a unique ringdjust it for you.---------------------------------------------------------CUSTOM ORDERS : We a unique ringccept custom orders . We like to offer a unique ring va unique ringriety of products with our ima unique ringges but if you ca unique ringn't find wha unique ringt you a unique ringre looking for ,just send me a unique ring messa unique ringge to discuss your idea unique rings .----------------------------------------------------------OTHER :Follow me on Insta unique ringgra unique ringm @sevenkeysdesigns a unique ringnd Fa unique ringcebook @sevenkeysdesignsfor snea unique ringk peeks news, a unique ringrtwork, a unique ringnd informa unique ringtionYou ca unique ringn a unique ringlso visit my website a unique ringt for news upda unique ringtes.All ima unique ringges \u00a unique ring9 sevenkeysdesigns

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