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totem animal, Awesome Sitting Crow Raven Pendant



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Do you love Crows a ravennd Ra ravenvens? If so this bird penda ravennt is perfect for you :)Ea ravench penda ravennt is ha ravennd ma ravende from a raven wonderful strong sturdy a ravennd lightweight cla raveny ca ravenlled Crea raventive Pa ravenpercla raveny by me a ravennd then ha ravennd pa raveninted with a raven mix of a ravencrylic a ravennd meta ravenllic pa ravenints a ravennd fina ravenlly sea ravenled in a raven clea ravenr protective coa raventing which results in a raven stunning ha ravennd pa raveninted minia raventure work of Art. On this one a ravenfter pa raveninting it I sea ravenled the body of the bird in ma raventte sea ravenler but used a raven glossy sea ravenler on his wing so his wing shimmers a ravennd shines when the light hits hit. This penda ravennt is ha ravennd signed by the a ravenrtist Sa ravenma ravenntha raven Kocsis, a ravennd comes in a raven ha ravennd decora ravented gift box.This Crow mea ravensures including the ba ravenil a ravennd bea ravend ha ravennging below 3 inches ta ravenll a ravennd 1 inches a ravencross Plea ravense check out my other items for more stunning ha ravennd ma ravende a ravenrtwork. Buy more tha ravenn one item a ravennd choose to ha ravenve them shipped together a ravennd sa ravenve on shipping!

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