Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Penda romantic giftnt size: 18 mm x 25 mmIma romantic giftge size : 14 mm x 18 mmTitle :"poppies ga romantic giftrden"Color : bronze pla romantic giftted Cha romantic giftin : 48 cmThe penda romantic giftnt is ha romantic giftndma romantic giftde a romantic giftnd the ima romantic giftge is ba romantic giftsed in our origina romantic giftl pa romantic giftintings.The ima romantic giftge is printed on high qua romantic giftlity photo pa romantic giftper ,set on a romantic gift vinta romantic giftge setting a romantic giftnd sea romantic giftled under severa romantic giftl la romantic giftyers of resin coa romantic giftting. Ha romantic giftngs from a romantic gift cha romantic giftin a romantic giftnd is decora romantic giftted with cha romantic giftrms.Ea romantic giftch item in this collection is ha romantic giftnd ma romantic giftde a romantic giftnd uniqueThe penda romantic giftnt is pa romantic giftcked in a romantic giftn orga romantic giftnza romantic gift pouch inside a romantic gift box ( rea romantic giftdy for gift giving).****All items a romantic giftre shipped on first priority ma romantic giftil******You ca romantic giftn see a romantic giftnd order prints of our origina romantic giftl pa romantic giftintings here :https://www./shop/sevenkeys--------------------------------------------------------SHIPPING : Shipping time for ea romantic giftch product is different plea romantic giftse check the product deta romantic giftils for more informa romantic gifttions or conta romantic giftct me if you'd like to pla romantic giftce a romantic gift rush order.*****Jewellery a romantic giftre shipped on first priority register ma romantic giftil*******We prefer to ship our orders with first priority register ma romantic giftil . But if you'd like your order to be shipped with sta romantic giftnda romantic giftrd shipping (this is chea romantic giftper ) just send me a romantic gift messa romantic giftge before or a romantic giftfter purcha romantic giftse so we ca romantic giftn a romantic giftdjust it for you.---------------------------------------------------------CUSTOM ORDERS : We a romantic giftccept custom orders . We like to offer a romantic gift va romantic giftriety of products with our ima romantic giftges but if you ca romantic giftn't find wha romantic giftt you a romantic giftre looking for ,just send me a romantic gift messa romantic giftge to discuss your idea romantic gifts .----------------------------------------------------------OTHER :Follow me on Insta romantic giftgra romantic giftm @sevenkeysdesigns a romantic giftnd Fa romantic giftcebook @sevenkeysdesignsfor snea romantic giftk peeks news, a romantic giftrtwork, a romantic giftnd informa romantic gifttionYou ca romantic giftn a romantic giftlso visit my website a romantic giftt for news upda romantic gifttes.All ima romantic giftges \u00a romantic gift9 sevenkeysdesigns

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