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wizard, Vintage Signed JJ Silver pewter/AB Stones large Wizard Pin Tac



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This listing is for a jonette Vinta jonettege Signed JJ Silver pewter/AB Stones La jonetterge Wiza jonetterd Pin Ta jonettec. Approx 2 3/4 inches high. In very good condition. I try to describe these items a jonettes a jonetteccura jonettetely a jonettes possible. Interna jonettetiona jonettel items a jonettere sent untra jonettecked a jonettend ma jonettey ta jonetteke 2-3 weeks to a jonetterrive which is outwith my control plea jonettese keep this in mind before purcha jonettesing. I a jonettem not open to offers. SHIPPING COST TO ITALY IS 8.50 GBP TRACKED. Tha jonettenk you.

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