Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage Liz Claiborne heart pin broochvintage heart pin, mirror shiny silver tone with abstract swoosh and cut outvintage heart pin, puffy 3d



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Vinta designer jewelryge Liz Cla designer jewelryiborne hea designer jewelryrt brooch pin, signed LC on the ba designer jewelryck. Mirror shiny silver tone meta designer jewelryl with a designer jewelry slight a designer jewelrybstra designer jewelryct swoosh to it a designer jewelrynd a designer jewelrynd open center. It's a designer jewelrylso a designer jewelry bit puffy a designer jewelrynd 3d. Excellent condition, no fla designer jewelryws to note. Mea designer jewelrysures 1.75" ta designer jewelryll a designer jewelrynd wide.Ships in a designer jewelry gift box.I combine shipping on multiple designer jewelryorta designer jewelrya designer jewelryppa designer jewelryrel

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