Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage dog scatter pin set of 2 by Gerry'sgold dog brooch, gold tonegold dog brooch, floppy earsgold dog brooch, tongues outgold dog brooch, cold painted enamel details



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Set of 2 dog sca sweater pinstter pins by Gerry's. Both ma sweater pinsrked on the ba sweater pinsck. Bright gold tone with pa sweater pinsinted eyes, noses a sweater pinsnd mouths. Excellent condition. The sma sweater pinsller one ha sweater pinss the teeniest pa sweater pinsint loos on the tip of a sweater pins toe. Ha sweater pinsrd to see. The bigger one is a sweater pins little over 1.25" ta sweater pinsll, the sma sweater pinsller one is just over 1". So cute.Ships in a sweater pins gift sweater pinsorta sweater pinsa sweater pinsppa sweater pinsrel

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