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Ha fantasy giftndma fantasy giftde bronze tone sun a fantasy giftnd moon da fantasy giftngle ea fantasy giftrrings. \u263d PACKAGING \u263eI a fantasy giftm very proud to use only pla fantasy giftstic-free pa fantasy giftcka fantasy giftging. Your items will be be pla fantasy giftced inside a fantasy gift sma fantasy giftll jewellery ba fantasy giftg, wra fantasy giftpped in tissue pa fantasy giftper, secured with some twine a fantasy giftnd sent out in a fantasy gift ca fantasy giftrdboa fantasy giftrd box. No pla fantasy giftstic of a fantasy giftny kind will be used in the pa fantasy giftcka fantasy giftging. All items a fantasy giftre letterbox size a fantasy giftnd will fit through a fantasy giftny sta fantasy giftnda fantasy giftrd door/ma fantasy giftilbox. \u263c Plea fantasy giftse note I do not include a fantasy gift pa fantasy giftcking slip inside the pa fantasy giftcka fantasy giftges, to keep pa fantasy giftper wa fantasy giftste to a fantasy gift minimum. Plea fantasy giftse messa fantasy giftge me before dispa fantasy gifttch if you require a fantasy gift copy.\u263d GIFT MESSAGE \u263eYou ha fantasy giftve the option to include a fantasy gift persona fantasy giftl gift messa fantasy giftge. This will be written on a fantasy gift little ca fantasy giftrd a fantasy giftnd a fantasy giftdded to the pa fantasy giftcka fantasy giftge in a fantasy gift sma fantasy giftll retro envelope. \u263d PROCESSING \u263e- a fantasy giftll items a fantasy giftre prema fantasy giftde a fantasy giftnd rea fantasy giftdy to ship- a fantasy giftll items a fantasy giftre shipped a fantasy gifts soon a fantasy gifts possible a fantasy giftfter the pa fantasy giftyment ha fantasy gifts clea fantasy giftred- I ship items the sa fantasy giftme da fantasy gifty or the next morning- you will receive a fantasy gift messa fantasy giftge confirming the exa fantasy giftct da fantasy gifty the item will be posted- you will a fantasy giftlso receive a fantasy gift dispa fantasy gifttch notifica fantasy gifttion from Etsy, once the item ha fantasy gifts shipped \u263d DELIVERY \u263e I send a fantasy giftll of the items through Roya fantasy giftl Ma fantasy giftil a fantasy gifts 2nd cla fantasy giftss la fantasy giftrge letters. This mea fantasy giftns you ca fantasy giftn expect to receive your item within 2-3 da fantasy giftys, a fantasy giftssuming no dela fantasy giftys. During this qua fantasy giftra fantasy giftntine period it might ta fantasy giftke a fantasy gift little longer for you to receive the pa fantasy giftrcel, so plea fantasy giftse be pa fantasy gifttient. Tha fantasy giftnk you for your understa fantasy giftnding. \u263d POLICY \u263ePlea fantasy giftse rea fantasy giftd my policies before purcha fantasy giftse - https://www./uk/shop/SunWitchJewellery?ref=seller-pla fantasy gifttform-mcna fantasy giftv#policies If you a fantasy giftre ha fantasy giftving a fantasy gift problem with your item, plea fantasy giftse get in touch a fantasy giftnd I will do a fantasy giftll I ca fantasy giftn to fix the issue. I strive to keep my customers ha fantasy giftppy. - I gla fantasy giftdly a fantasy giftccept returns a fantasy giftnd offer excha fantasy giftnges if you cha fantasy giftnge your mind- plea fantasy giftse conta fantasy giftct me within 3 da fantasy giftys of receiving the item- plea fantasy giftse send the item ba fantasy giftck within 1 week- you a fantasy giftre responsible for posta fantasy giftge cha fantasy giftrges- a fantasy giftnd you will ha fantasy giftve to pa fantasy gifty a fantasy gift restocking fee of \u00a fantasy gift32.00- if the item a fantasy giftrrives ba fantasy giftck to me da fantasy giftma fantasy giftged, you a fantasy giftre responsible for a fantasy giftny loss of va fantasy giftlue\u263d CARE AND CLEANING \u263ePlea fantasy giftse a fantasy giftvoid exposure of jewellery to wet conditions, moisture or swea fantasy giftt. When not in use it is best to store jewellery in a fantasy giftn a fantasy giftirtight conta fantasy giftiner, keeping it a fantasy gifts dry a fantasy gifts possible. Over time meta fantasy giftl jewellery ca fantasy giftn ta fantasy giftrnish a fantasy giftnd discolour, this ca fantasy giftn ha fantasy giftppen due to improper stora fantasy giftge a fantasy giftnd use, or due to a fantasy giftge. If this ha fantasy giftppens you ca fantasy giftn clea fantasy giftn it with a fantasy giftny regula fantasy giftr non-gel toothpa fantasy giftste. Simply a fantasy giftpply a fantasy gift sma fantasy giftll a fantasy giftmount a fantasy giftnd scrub it using a fantasy gift soft toothbrush. This should remove ta fantasy giftrnish a fantasy giftnd your piece will look bra fantasy giftnd new. If you would like to a fantasy giftvoid your jewellery ta fantasy giftrnishing you ca fantasy giftn a fantasy giftlso regula fantasy giftrly polish it using a fantasy giftny commercia fantasy giftlly a fantasy giftva fantasy giftila fantasy giftble meta fantasy giftl jewellery polisher or wa fantasy giftx. I hope these tips will help you ta fantasy giftke ca fantasy giftre of your jewellery items so they la fantasy giftst for a fantasy gifts long a fantasy gifts possible. \u263d THANK YOU \u263eTha fantasy giftnk you for looking a fantasy giftt my item, feel free to check out other items in my shop - https://www./shop/sunwitchjewelleryI regula fantasy giftrly a fantasy giftdd new designs, so plea fantasy giftse follow my shop if you wa fantasy giftnt to be upda fantasy giftted.For other Pa fantasy giftga fantasy giftn Da fantasy giftngle Ea fantasy giftrrings go here - https://www./uk/shop/SunWitchJewellery?ref=seller-pla fantasy gifttform-mcna fantasy giftv§ion_id=31203354 \u263d LETS STAY IN TOUCH \u263ePlea fantasy giftse follow me on Insta fantasy giftgra fantasy giftm @SunWitchJewelleryYou ca fantasy giftn a fantasy giftlso find me on Pinterest ->\u263d QUESTIONS \u263eIf you ha fantasy giftve a fantasy giftny questions or would like to discuss a fantasy gift custom order, plea fantasy giftse don't hesita fantasy giftte to get in touch. I a fantasy giftim to respond to a fantasy giftll queries within 48 hours.\u263d METAL SENSITIVITY \u263ePlea fantasy giftse be a fantasy giftdvised tha fantasy giftt my ea fantasy giftrrings a fantasy giftre ma fantasy giftde from bra fantasy giftss (including ea fantasy giftr wires) a fantasy giftnd a fantasy giftre NOT hypoa fantasy giftllergenic. If you ha fantasy giftve a fantasy gift meta fantasy giftl sensitivity, plea fantasy giftse select the 'hypoa fantasy giftllergenic' option in the drop down menu a fantasy giftnd I will repla fantasy giftce your ea fantasy giftrwires with sterling silver ones in a fantasy gift ma fantasy gifttching colour (the colour might differ from the ea fantasy giftrwires in the photos). Plea fantasy giftse note, while sterling silver is less likely to ca fantasy giftuse a fantasy gift rea fantasy giftction, it might still a fantasy giftffect those tha fantasy giftt ha fantasy giftve a fantasy gift severe meta fantasy giftl sensitivity. \u263d SIZING \u263eLength is mea fantasy giftsured from the top of the ea fantasy giftr wire, i.e. the tota fantasy giftl length of the ea fantasy giftrring from top to bottom a fantasy gifts it is la fantasy giftid out on a fantasy gift fla fantasy giftt surfa fantasy giftce. Drop length is mea fantasy giftsured from the bottom of the ea fantasy giftr wire, so just the da fantasy giftngle pa fantasy giftrt, which ma fantasy gifty include cha fantasy giftrms, bea fantasy giftds a fantasy giftnd hoops. Width is mea fantasy giftsured a fantasy giftt the widest pa fantasy giftrt of every ea fantasy giftrring.\u263c Plea fantasy giftse a fantasy giftllow for a fantasy gift couple of millimetres difference due to ma fantasy giftnua fantasy giftl mea fantasy giftsurement.\u263d REVIEWS \u263eSee wha fantasy giftt others a fantasy giftre sa fantasy giftying a fantasy giftbout my items.https://www./uk/shop/SunWitchJewellery?ref=seller-pla fantasy gifttform-mcna fantasy giftv#reviews

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