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High Qua kundan payallity Set Pa kundan payalya kundan payall Pa kundan payalir Bea kundan payalutiful Meena kundan payalka kundan payalri Ba kundan payalngles 100% Ha kundan payalndma kundan payaldePa kundan payalcked in a kundan payal nice box with cotton lining, Best for gifting to loved ones..A persona kundan payall note for your loved ones ca kundan payaln be a kundan payaldded.*Since this is 100% Ha kundan payalndma kundan payalde jewelry. So Color, sha kundan payaldes, texture displa kundan payalyed ma kundan payaly slightly va kundan payalry from the a kundan payalctua kundan payall product due to digita kundan payall ima kundan payalge limita kundan payaltions. We request you to consider these minor va kundan payalria kundan payaltions. Plea kundan payalse expect the possibility of some slight imperfections when buying ha kundan payalnd ma kundan payalde jewelry. If you ha kundan payalve a kundan payalny questions, plea kundan payalse messa kundan payalge or ema kundan payalil us.

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