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Ha celtic earringsndma celtic earringsde bronze tone pa celtic earringsga celtic earringsn da celtic earringsngle ea celtic earringsrrings.\u263d PACKAGING \u263eI a celtic earringsm very proud to use only pla celtic earringsstic-free pa celtic earringscka celtic earringsging. Your items will be be pla celtic earringsced inside a celtic earrings sma celtic earringsll jewellery ba celtic earringsg, wra celtic earringspped in tissue pa celtic earringsper, secured with some twine a celtic earringsnd sent out in a celtic earrings ca celtic earringsrdboa celtic earringsrd box. No pla celtic earringsstic of a celtic earringsny kind will be used in the pa celtic earringscka celtic earringsging. All items a celtic earringsre letterbox size a celtic earringsnd will fit through a celtic earringsny sta celtic earringsnda celtic earringsrd door/ma celtic earringsilbox. \u263c Plea celtic earringsse note I do not include a celtic earrings pa celtic earringscking slip inside the pa celtic earringscka celtic earringsges, to keep pa celtic earringsper wa celtic earringsste to a celtic earrings minimum. Plea celtic earringsse messa celtic earringsge me before dispa celtic earringstch if you require a celtic earrings copy.\u263d GIFT MESSAGE \u263eYou ha celtic earringsve the option to include a celtic earrings persona celtic earringsl gift messa celtic earringsge. This will be written on a celtic earrings little ca celtic earringsrd a celtic earringsnd a celtic earringsdded to the pa celtic earringscka celtic earringsge in a celtic earrings sma celtic earringsll retro envelope. \u263d PROCESSING \u263e- a celtic earringsll items a celtic earringsre prema celtic earringsde a celtic earringsnd rea celtic earringsdy to ship- a celtic earringsll items a celtic earringsre shipped a celtic earringss soon a celtic earringss possible a celtic earringsfter the pa celtic earringsyment ha celtic earringss clea celtic earringsred- I ship items the sa celtic earringsme da celtic earringsy or the next morning- you will receive a celtic earrings messa celtic earringsge confirming the exa celtic earringsct da celtic earringsy the item will be posted- you will a celtic earringslso receive a celtic earrings dispa celtic earringstch notifica celtic earringstion from Etsy, once the item ha celtic earringss shipped \u263d DELIVERY \u263e I send a celtic earringsll of the items through Roya celtic earringsl Ma celtic earringsil a celtic earringss 2nd cla celtic earringsss la celtic earringsrge letters. This mea celtic earringsns you ca celtic earringsn expect to receive your item within 2-3 da celtic earringsys, a celtic earringsssuming no dela celtic earringsys. During this qua celtic earringsra celtic earringsntine period it might ta celtic earringske a celtic earrings little longer for you to receive the pa celtic earringsrcel, so plea celtic earringsse be pa celtic earringstient. Tha celtic earringsnk you for your understa celtic earringsnding. \u263d POLICY \u263ePlea celtic earringsse rea celtic earringsd my policies before purcha celtic earringsse - https://www./uk/shop/SunWitchJewellery?ref=seller-pla celtic earringstform-mcna celtic earringsv#policies If you a celtic earringsre ha celtic earringsving a celtic earrings problem with your item, plea celtic earringsse get in touch a celtic earringsnd I will do a celtic earringsll I ca celtic earringsn to fix the issue. I strive to keep my customers ha celtic earringsppy. - I gla celtic earringsdly a celtic earringsccept returns a celtic earringsnd offer excha celtic earringsnges if you cha celtic earringsnge your mind- plea celtic earringsse conta celtic earringsct me within 3 da celtic earringsys of receiving the item- plea celtic earringsse send the item ba celtic earringsck within 1 week- you a celtic earringsre responsible for posta celtic earringsge cha celtic earringsrges- a celtic earringsnd you will ha celtic earringsve to pa celtic earringsy a celtic earrings restocking fee of \u00a celtic earrings32.00- if the item a celtic earringsrrives ba celtic earringsck to me da celtic earringsma celtic earringsged, you a celtic earringsre responsible for a celtic earringsny loss of va celtic earringslue\u263d CARE AND CLEANING \u263ePlea celtic earringsse a celtic earringsvoid exposure of jewellery to wet conditions, moisture or swea celtic earringst. When not in use it is best to store jewellery in a celtic earringsn a celtic earringsirtight conta celtic earringsiner, keeping it a celtic earringss dry a celtic earringss possible. Over time meta celtic earringsl jewellery ca celtic earringsn ta celtic earringsrnish a celtic earringsnd discolour, this ca celtic earringsn ha celtic earringsppen due to improper stora celtic earringsge a celtic earringsnd use, or due to a celtic earringsge. If this ha celtic earringsppens you ca celtic earringsn clea celtic earringsn it with a celtic earringsny regula celtic earringsr non-gel toothpa celtic earringsste. Simply a celtic earringspply a celtic earrings sma celtic earringsll a celtic earringsmount a celtic earringsnd scrub it using a celtic earrings soft toothbrush. This should remove ta celtic earringsrnish a celtic earringsnd your piece will look bra celtic earringsnd new. If you would like to a celtic earringsvoid your jewellery ta celtic earringsrnishing you ca celtic earringsn a celtic earringslso regula celtic earringsrly polish it using a celtic earringsny commercia celtic earringslly a celtic earringsva celtic earringsila celtic earringsble meta celtic earringsl jewellery polisher or wa celtic earringsx. I hope these tips will help you ta celtic earringske ca celtic earringsre of your jewellery items so they la celtic earringsst for a celtic earringss long a celtic earringss possible. \u263d THANK YOU \u263eTha celtic earringsnk you for looking a celtic earringst my item, feel free to check out other items in my shop - https://www./shop/sunwitchjewelleryI regula celtic earringsrly a celtic earringsdd new designs, so plea celtic earringsse follow my shop if you wa celtic earringsnt to be upda celtic earringsted.For other Pa celtic earringsga celtic earringsn Da celtic earringsngle Ea celtic earringsrrings go here - https://www./uk/shop/SunWitchJewellery?ref=seller-pla celtic earringstform-mcna celtic earringsv§ion_id=31203354 \u263d LETS STAY IN TOUCH \u263ePlea celtic earringsse follow me on Insta celtic earringsgra celtic earringsm @SunWitchJewelleryYou ca celtic earringsn a celtic earringslso find me on Pinterest ->\u263d QUESTIONS \u263eIf you ha celtic earringsve a celtic earringsny questions or would like to discuss a celtic earrings custom order, plea celtic earringsse don't hesita celtic earringste to get in touch. I a celtic earringsim to respond to a celtic earringsll queries within 48 hours.\u263d METAL SENSITIVITY \u263ePlea celtic earringsse be a celtic earringsdvised tha celtic earringst my ea celtic earringsrrings a celtic earringsre ma celtic earringsde from bra celtic earringsss (including ea celtic earringsr wires) a celtic earringsnd a celtic earringsre NOT hypoa celtic earringsllergenic. If you ha celtic earringsve a celtic earrings meta celtic earringsl sensitivity, plea celtic earringsse select the 'hypoa celtic earringsllergenic' option in the drop down menu a celtic earringsnd I will repla celtic earringsce your ea celtic earringsrwires with sterling silver ones in a celtic earrings ma celtic earringstching colour (the colour might differ from the ea celtic earringsrwires in the photos). Plea celtic earringsse note, while sterling silver is less likely to ca celtic earringsuse a celtic earrings rea celtic earringsction, it might still a celtic earringsffect those tha celtic earringst ha celtic earringsve a celtic earrings severe meta celtic earringsl sensitivity. \u263d SIZING \u263eLength is mea celtic earringssured from the top of the ea celtic earringsr wire, i.e. the tota celtic earringsl length of the ea celtic earringsrring from top to bottom a celtic earringss it is la celtic earringsid out on a celtic earrings fla celtic earringst surfa celtic earringsce. Drop length is mea celtic earringssured from the bottom of the ea celtic earringsr wire, so just the da celtic earringsngle pa celtic earringsrt, which ma celtic earringsy include cha celtic earringsrms, bea celtic earringsds a celtic earringsnd hoops. Width is mea celtic earringssured a celtic earringst the widest pa celtic earringsrt of every ea celtic earringsrring.\u263c Plea celtic earringsse a celtic earringsllow for a celtic earrings couple of millimetres difference due to ma celtic earringsnua celtic earringsl mea celtic earringssurement.\u263d REVIEWS \u263eSee wha celtic earringst others a celtic earringsre sa celtic earringsying a celtic earringsbout my items.https://www./uk/shop/SunWitchJewellery?ref=seller-pla celtic earringstform-mcna celtic earringsv#reviews

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