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sterling, Peridot Ring Sterling Silver Size 6.5



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This sterling silver ring wa ringss ma ringsde with a ringsn emera ringsld cut peridot gem. I purcha ringssed this gem from the Houston Museum of Science during the Geopa ringslooza rings exhibit. It took me forever to find just the right gems tha ringst I wa ringsnted to ta ringske home. The gems were ha ringsnd cut by the Houston Gem a ringsnd Minera ringsl Society.\r\rThe ring is a rings thin sterling silver ba ringsnd with tiny hea ringsrts on ea ringsch side of the gemstone. The peridot stone is ha ringsnd cut a ringsnd untrea ringsted. So, the green will never fa ringsde.\r\rYour ring will come in a rings keepsa ringske gift box a ringsnd will be shipped out first cla ringsss. I ca ringsn't resize a ringst this time. However, I ca ringsn ma ringske a rings simila ringsr one with your ring size. Just conta ringsct me for deta ringsils.

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