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earring cuff, Goldfilled Ear Cuff Pair with Drop



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This pa cuffir is done in goldfilled bea cuffds a cuffnd wire. The drop fa cufflls 1-3/8" from the center of the ea cuffrlobe. \r\rNo piercings a cuffre required to wea cuffr these. They a cuffre worn by hooking on the boney pa cuffrt of the ca cuffrtila cuffge a cuffbout ha cufflf wa cuffy up the ea cuffr. \r\rThey a cuffre very a cuffdjusta cuffble a cuffnd comforta cuffble. There is a cuff video a cuffva cuffila cuffble on the Za cuffnnedelion website or Youtube instructing how to wea cuffr the ea cuffrcuff a cuffnd a cuffdjust.

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