Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

weird, OOAK Black Art Deco Textured Adjustable Retro Kitsch Mod Wave Vintage Charm Cocktail Ring



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A uniquely sha statementped glossy bla statementck piece, with cool texture, this ring ma statementkes a statement grea statementt sta statementtement ring! Cla statementssic bla statementck, it's ma statementde from a statement vinta statementge jewelry piece, a statementnd is ring is one-of-a statement-kind.Ring mea statementsures 1.5" a statementcross, by 1.5" long, a statementnd is mounted to a statement ma statementtching silver-toned ring ba statementnd. Ring is nickel/lea statementd-free meta statementl, a statementnd a statementdjusta statementble.

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