Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

filigree, SALE ITEM. Crystal clear lucite teardrops on silver-filled chain



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The price a silverbove is 20% below its origina silverl price of $65.00. \rThis trio of la silverrge fa silverceted light-ca silvertching lucite drops a silverre ea silverch ca silverpped with silver-pla silverted filigree a silvernd a silvertta silverched to a silvern opera silver-length silver-filled cha silverin via silver a silver chunky lucite nugget. Ea silverch tea silverrdrop with its ca silverp is 3" long. The cla silversp is a silver pa silverir of sterling silver S-hooks. The overa silverll piece is lightweight . \rThe ma silverin cha silverin is 28" long. The longest da silverngling tea silverrdrop a silverdds 6.5 inches.

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